Family School Wellness

Program Description

The Family School Wellness Program is a confidential, voluntary, preventative service offered to children, youth and families.  It is available to all children aged birth to 18 and their families.  Family School Wellness is available year round and is free of charge.  Services can be offered through the school, at home or in the community.


Any member of the community requiring family-related support or information may access the program.  Children are welcome to make one self-referred visit prior to parental or guardian consent.

Services Offered

Family School Wellness workers are qualified to provide:

  • Support services to families and children facing social, emotional or family challenges, including individual and family counselling

  • Promote effective communication and parenting skills

  • Short-term individual or family support

  • Building skills with students in small groups

  • Assist in finding information and resources such as counselling, after-hours crisis response workers or legal advice

  • Advocating within the school or community at large

  • Preventative opportunities within the schools and community

  • Collaboration with community agencies

École John Wilson Family Wellness Worker

Angie Durant
Phone: 403-396-3591