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ÉJWES Start-Up Communication

Key Message

We will continue to work as a team between home and school as this relationship is key to our students’ well-being and educational journey. We appreciate all of the support we have received from our families. We understand how difficult it feels to drop off your child(ren) when there are so many new and changing guidelines. We do not have all of the answers but together we will have a great 2020-2021 school year because we are determined to make it so! If you have any questions please give the school a call and we are happy to help. We are in this together!

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School Staggered Start and End of day times 

  • Bus Students       Enter school as bus arrives  and exit at 3:00pm
  • Last Name A-L     Arrive at 8:25am and exit at 3:05pm
  • Last Name M-Z    Arrive at 8:30am and exit at 3:10pm


School Bell Times

Morning                                                                 Afternoon

8:30-8:35        Call in                                            12:33-12:53       Lunch Recess

8:40-10.19       Morning Classes                         12:53-1:59         Afternoon Classes

10:19-10:34     Recess                                          1:59-2:09           Nutrition/Guided Movement

10:34-12:13     Morning Classes                         2:09-3:05           Afternoon Classes

12:13-12:33     Lunch                                            3:05                   Dismissal

Power School

PowerSchool SIS is our Student Information System. Each student has their own account and it follows

them throughout their school career. Within this system you can find out information on attendance,

account preferences. Also found in PowerSchool is SchoolEngage. At the beginning of the school year,

you will get an email to go into SchoolEngage to fill out a form for School Demographics. This will update

all your information to ensure we have the most up to date data on file.

This is a yearly requirement from Alberta Education.

*Please note that if you have to make changes within the school year, and you have submitted your forms

already you will need to contact the school to regain access and update your information. 

**You will be unable to do any of these forms on a cellular device. If you do not have access to a computer,

we have one available at the office for use. Forms generally take about 5 minutes per student.

The PowerSchool quick tab is in the yellow bar to the left, click here for instruction to set up a

PowerSchool account and here to get instructions on SchoolEngage.